First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hi, welcome to my Author page dedicated to my writing life. The plan is to update you on my progression and path as a writer. I will publish short stories and poems that I’ve written in the past and sometimes things that just pour out of me. There is no quality control on this site so excuse the drivel and laugh at the rubbish I store in my brain.

Thanks and come again.


R A Akerlund



I am getting back into writing creatively after a long schlepp of editing. It’s not easy to be a fault detective. Sitting still is hard enough..

My new book Minestrone has gone through a real cutting down process. It was too long. That is a new one for sure. Usually, I struggle to fill the plot out. I mean, writing stories are fun but finishing things are hard and that is more than half of the job. I am moaning because I am trying to be better at that part of the job. Enough about this, you can all judge for yourselves once I release the new book. On a completely different note,; the sun is shining.

I have been discovering things about myself in the last few months, I feel like a different person. Not because I am a different person but because I am happier. Everything gets easier and stress brushes off me with no effort. I hope it will last because I love feeling like this. Inspired. I have been writing like an obsessive, the keys on my keyboard are fading in colour.

Author interview on Literative

I am so engrossed in the writing of my new novel. It’s going surprisingly smoothly. Sometimes a week goes by and a single word have not been written and some weeks the story moves on. Writing is like that, it has no plan or method. It comes and goes as it pleases. Check out this little interview about “I am Ed”.  The website is very helpful if you’re an aspiring writer.

Author Interview: R.A. Akerlund

Award winner! 

My lovely book I am Ed, which feels more like a friend than a book to me, has won an award. An indie reader discovery award to be precise. It means that in the independent world of books my book is considered good.I feel very proud and happy about this! 



Buy my very first novel on Amazon.


The cover was created by the amazing Tim Rockins. I’m a big fan of his work. 


Ed Henderson was sixteen when his mother died, leaving him the sole provider for his three younger brothers. To keep the family from being separated and put in foster care, Ed abandons his dream of leaving home and throws himself into raising his siblings. He has no time to process and grieve the loss of his mother; his surviving family members take priority.

Living for his brothers becomes Ed’s world. To help them deal with their own sorrow, he teaches them to play musical instruments. Together with Ed’s friend Matt, they form the Hendersons, a band that suddenly hits the big time.

But wealth and fame bring their own dangers, and soon Ed finds himself guiding a heroin-addicted sibling back to health while unexpectedly becoming a father himself—and losing the woman he loves.

Living for others at his own expense takes a steady, cumulative toll—a cost Ed begins to pay. Falling into the hard-partying, cocaine-dusted music industry lifestyle, he seems lost.

It’s time for Ed’s brothers to take care of him and help him claim his own happiness. Sometimes, however, the journey away from grief only ends in more pain.